Trouble Is My Business (2018)
Go Back Couple

Go Back Couple - 고백부부


Ha Byung Hoon


Son Ho Joon as Choi Ban Do
Jang Na Ra as Ma Jin Joo

People around Ban Do

Huh Jung Min as Ahn Jae Woo
Lee Yi Kyung as Ko Dok Jae
Go Bo Kyul as Min Suh Young
Im Ji Kyu as Park Hyun Suk
Kim Byung Ok as Choi Ki Il
Jo Ryun as Kang Kyung Sook
Go Eun Min as Choi Ja Ueon

Release Year: 2017

Country: Korean

Genre: Fantasy Family

Status: Ongoing


This drama is about a married couple who constantly fights. They regret getting married young without consideration. One day, they travel back to their twenty-year-old selves.

Choi Ban Do (Son Ho Joon) and Ma Jin Joo (Jang Na Ra) are both 38-years-old and a married couple. Choi Ban Do has been burdened with being the breadwinner and Ma Jin Joo is a housewife with low self-esteem. Even though they loved each other when they married, they now hate each other. They both regret marrying at such a young age. The couple travel through time and find themselves as 20-year-old university students, when they met for the first time.

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